Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Granny Takes A Trip!

Hello again! I've been away for a little while whilst my lovely mum was here on holiday but I'm back now. It's so nice to have her to stay because I don't see her that often, me being in the beautiful South whilst she lives in the particularly malignant Northern city from whence we hail. We usually go on lots of trips, madly charity shopping, when she visits and this time was no different. A little more difficult now I don't have a car - I had to wait until Big Man came home from work at lunchtime before we could go anywhere further than walking distance - but we managed to have some nice days and the weather stayed good too. I always spend more money than I should when Babcia comes to visit and this time was no exception but I only got stuff that I think I can turn a good profit on. Babcia also brought some stock for our Etsy shop. It's not quite up and running yet but it should be soon. 

We went to the local car boot sale on Sunday, arriving quite late really, not til about 11:00. Some stall holders had already left but that didn't stop us getting some great bargains, the best one of which was a canopy for an old coach-built Silver Cross pram. Babcia has been after one of these for ages because she has one of the prams that she takes my niece and nephew out in.

These prams are fierce expensive and so are the canopies, the vintage ones. Babcia bought hers at the car booty, unused, still in its box, for....(drum roll)....£5!!!! What a bargain. Sometimes people don't really know what they have when they're selling it, do they? The only problem was that Babcia was going to have to carry it on the coach all the way home. When Granny took her trip!

Big Man drove Babcia to the coach station at 8:10 for her 8:40 coach. At 8:45 the phone rang. Babcia had missed the coach! She changes at Birmingham but the coach carries on to Edinburgh. For some reason she had it in her head that the coach would say Birmingham on the front so when it said Edinburgh she didn't think it was hers. It waited around for a while after 8:40, obviously for her, and when she didn't get on it it went. She asked the staff if the coach to Birmingham was late and they said 'that's it, just left!' Major panic. Babcia nearly in tears on the phone. I had to belt down to the station because I couldn't leave her upset on her own. She got another coach three hours later and has, thankfully, made it in one piece. Who knows what was going on in her mind? She has made the identical journey at least 15 times with no trouble.

Babcia is 66. case you're wondering, Babcia is Polish for Granny.


  1. As Peter Kaye says - if its not one thing - its your Mother. xxxx

  2. That's very funny Diane, and you're so right!!! I worry about Babcia almost as much as I worry about the kids...


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