Thursday, 24 March 2011

A Good Walk Spoiled! Not Really...

Hasn't the weather been heavenly the last few days? So mild, warm even. It's just as well as I have started my Census Job....ta daa!!! It means the walking the streets is really pleasant and not at all onerous. I wasn't meant to start until this Monday coming but was asked if I could do some Early Collecting in a different area to the one I'd applied for so I impetuously said that I would. Not that I regret it really - I like to get things under way. The new area is very student-heavy and I was worried that I might encounter rebellion or impudence or even contempt but I was so wrong. My job currently entails visiting properties to find out whether the census form has been delivered to the property and also if the household will be completing the form. I'm not sure how these properties were flagged, or why - possibly because they're all registered with the council as HMOs maybe. Anyway, the students so far have been polite, sweet and well-mannered - a real credit to their parents and themselves. It was funny to hear the way the boys would come hurtling down the stairs to answer the door, leaping down the last few and arriving breathless - that's just exactly how Mr Charming (who is home for a month tomorrow - YAY!!!!!!!! There'll be a whole lotta baking going on when I get home from the Dragon's Den tomorrow!) bounds around. When he's not sleeping 'til 3pm.

Last night my Co-ordinator gave me a rush job that entailed checking on properties that had their census forms returned as undeliverable by the Royal Mail. When I saw that a block of flats was on my list I was a bit worried but I discovered when I got there that it was old university halls of residence boarded up awaiting demolition so I didn't need to do anything. It was pretty dark by the time I'd checked all of the properties on my list  - several were blocks that had the forms for #13 returned which shows superstition is alive and well in the 21st century. Not that I'd want to live at number 13 myself...
Big Man is on leave so volunteered to drive me round my route and I was pleased that I'd agreed by the time I'd finished. It was dark and almost deserted and all I could think of was the census taker whose liver Hannibal the Cannibal ate with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.......eeeeek!!!


  1. Wow, you got a job that keeps you fit and walking in the sunshine cant be bad. I'm pleased people have been pleasant to you, ive done call centre work before and ive found that people tend to be ruder when they are hidden behind the phone and i always thought that i bet they wouldnt speak to me like to face to face. Hope the sunshine continues for you job. Ive already posted my form ;o) Scarlett x

  2. You have an over active imagination!! I hope you treated yourself to some Chianti at the end of it! xxxx


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