Monday, 14 March 2011


Today has been very busy and it's only just ending!

I've baked Millionaire's Shortbread and finally mastered scones (use Trex, plain yogurt and a very hot oven in case you're wondering); made a delicious chicken stew using my homemade turkey stock as a base; photographed stuff for eBay and listed some of it, but not nearly enough seeing as I want to make £300 this month; washed and pegged the clothing out; carried on knitting for my Etsy store whilst watching the last episode of Being Human (Mitchell!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!) then, finally, stripped the chicken carcass for a pot pie and start of more stock. Phew!

Very frugal bloggers will think this obvious but I discovered how much more economical it is to buy a whole chicken and roast it rather than buy chicken breasts, which is what I have always done up to now. Before I started shopping at Lidl I used to pay around £6 for a pack of chicken breasts (I could've bought Value chicken but yuk. For £4 I bought a 2kg chicken and roasted it, used half for the stew and have shredded the other half and frozen it. I could've easily stretched it to three or even four meals I guess and I'll try to do so next time round. I have identified food as an area where I can save much more - I have given us a budget of £200 a month and do a weekly menu plan but was over in January then blew it big time in February. BTW, I'll finally post my February SitRep tomorrow, even though we're half-way through March - it's pretty good!

Despite all the domesticity of the day I didn't get everything done that I wanted to so tomorrow when I get home from work I'll have to finish some cupcakes for Carb Addict and his friends then drive them over to his weekday home. Cookie Dough Cupcakes....I'll let you know how they're received next time!!

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