Thursday, 17 March 2011

Date Night. No, Wait....Make That Afternoon

This afternoon Big Man and I went on one of our free movie screenings and today's was not at all like our usual fare. Not that there is a 'usual' for us - a free film is a free film after all, whatever the subject matter. I managed, through Facebook, to get a pair of tickets for our local arthouse cinema, showing at 4.00 this afternoon. Not a particularly popular time of day but our working hours are pretty flexible so we were able to go and I'm really pleased we did.

The film is called 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams' and is that rare creature, a Werner Herzog film in 3D. I'm not mad about 3D to be honest...when something flies towards me I tend to react the same way as neanderthal woman did the first time she saw fire. But this is a truly beautiful and haunting film. If I say it's about a fairly recently discovered French underground cavern filled with cave art that's 32,000 years old it might not sound too appealing, but it really is. The art is incredible; horses, bison, mammoths, cave bears, leopard. Just wonderful. No less magical are the rock formations within the cave. We saw something similar at a grotto in the south of France a few years back but nowhere near as remarkable. Big Man tells me that the Blue John Mines here in the UK are even better but I'm inclined to think that's the Midlander in him talking!
The film's not perfect - they could have shortened it by maybe a third if there had been fewer talking heads, even though a couple of these are inadvertently comical (the man with the spear), and the music gets a bit over-shrieky in parts - but overall it's a real cinematic experience. Try to catch it at your local arthouse cinema (I have a feeling it will have a limited release!) or wait to watch it on the History Channel, which I think, produced it.

All that and home by 6.00!!


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