Thursday, 31 March 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Or do I mean low-brow pleasures maybe?
Yesterday in Lidl I planned to buy Closer magazine and was only thwarted (or maybe came to my senses) when the checkout operator couldn't scan it in. 'Don't worry' says I, 'I should probably be reading the Guardian ot the Times anyway, and worrying about Japan or the economy'. 'But why?' said the middle-aged, male, Turkish checkout operator. 'We all need some sex, drugs and rock and roll in our lives' (till operators being very hot on 20th century cultural references in our local supermarkets). And I suppose he's right. No matter how cerebral we might think we are (not very in my case)a bit of escapism is still nice. And so I am devouring 'Goodnight Lady' by Martina Cole. It's a gangster story with a strong female lead (there we go again, me and my 'strong women' obsession) - does she write any other kind? There are also twin boys in it; East End hardmen who are identical, have names beginning with the same letter and live with their (surrogate) mother....sound familiar? It's good fun and I will be watching the new series 'The Runaway' which is based on one of her might even start tonight!

What's your guilty pleasure?


  1. Either a big bar of chocolate eaten by myself, or a £19 Premier Inn night away with Man Wonderful!

  2. I have far too many guilty pleasures - from reading trashy or chic lit novels, to chocolate to impluse buying to make me happy lol. Hey we only live once so Im going to do it without regret :o) Im going to hopefully catch the runaway on 'catch up' tv looks really good. Enjoy your book :o) Scarlett x

  3. Playing cards on the computer, which I somehow find very calming but drives my husband mad and buying far too many toiletries, I could open a shop from my cupboard.


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