Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Killing Bono!!!!

We saw our third free film of March this evening and I think it was the best. I really enjoyed 'Limitless' but for laugh-out-loud laughs Killing Bono beats it hands down. If you loved 'The Commitments' you'll probably really like this movie too.
We didn't realise that the book the film comes from is a true story (Big Man's favourite kind of film....when I told him, after watching 'Public Enemies' that Babyface Nelson died after John Dillinger in real life, rather than before him as in the film, Big Man said that I had 'totally ruined it' for him. Go figure.) and one that is set in the city where I grew up and almost in my era there too. The premise is that two sets of schoolboys start bands - one band has a pair of brothers in it, the other goes on to be U2. We all know what became of U2 but the story really concerns the brothers and that's where all the comedy comes from.
Although the film is ostensibly about the band there isn't a great deal of music (I didn't think so anyway) because it's mainly about the relationship between Ivan and Neil McCormick (I think Neil wrote the book 'I Was Bono's Doppelganger') played by Robert Sheehan and Ben Barnes, who does a pretty good Dublin accent imho. It also has Peter Serafinowicz in a very funny role and Pete Postlethwaite in his last film. If you get a chance please go and see it - a feel-good, very funny movie. And we saw it for free which always adds an extra star for me.

Incidentally (this is a bit of showing off here!), U2 may be every Irishman and woman's favourite musical sons now but when I saw them supporting The Clash at the Top Hat in Dun Laoghaire back in 1978, in a half-empty hall, they were treated with absolute contempt. I remember their current songs of the time were '11 O'Clock Tick-Tock' and 'I Will Follow' and there was certainly none of this messianic, sunglasses-wearing Bono carry on then. U2 were merely an annoyance before The Clash appeared.
I've just read on the 'net that thousands now claim to have been at that gig (probably U2 fans) but trust me....this ex-Dublin Punk was there!

Does that make me officially cool?! ;P


  1. Pop stars who think they're the saviours of the world really irritate me - but not quite as much as media sources who quote them as if it's true - and even they don't elicit as much of my derision as the politicians who fawn on them.

  2. Were we separated at birth Jane?!! xx


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