Keshling's 'To Do' List

Quite a few bloggers have started a Life List or 'Bucket List'. Or maybe it's just the blogs I read? Anyway, I thought I might start with a couple of things I'd like to do before I'm too old, crumbly and uninterested to anything at all. I did actually come across a website called but it looks to me as if most people on there have whack ambitions (Toilet paper someone's house? Spend a night in jail....for God's sake, why??? Learn French? Learn Irish? Why bother when they can all speak English?) whereas mine are pretty....naff? achievable? What do you think of them?

1.  Ride in the sidecar of an old motorbike
2.  Go in a convertible car with the roof up, in the rain
3.  Have an audience with the Pope (even though I liked John Paul II better)
4.  Run in the London Marathon. Despite my appearance in the 2009 Great South Run being one of the worst experiences of my life I'd still like to give 'the Big One' a go
5.  See a baby being born. Red is agreeable 'in principle'.....
6.  Bit of a random one this but I'd like to be interviewed for some unspecified thing on TV then suddenly break down, put my hand over my face, wave the other one weakly and say 'sorry....can you stop filming please?'
7.  See the Northern Lights. My dad saw them countless times when he was a trawler skipper and I just hope I can too one day

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