Tuesday, 22 March 2011

....And In News From The Dragon's Den...

Quick post to thank everyone for your words of wisdom regarding Malicia. Having simmered about it all weekend and bent Big Man's ear something chronic I decided that I would confront her. You know, a life lived in fear and all that..
We had a full and frank discussion that lasted almost an hour and ended up involving the RGN from the other day and the Deputy Manager Admin, who was a real support. Things have settled down again...for now. Malicia is still full of crap (AND she doesn't know what expedient means!); I still won't trust the RGN as far as I can throw her; I'm still outta there as soon as our debts are gone.
And whether she's aware of it or not, Malicia's the one whose card's been marked by HO, not me...

As the great Brendan Behan said 'a job is like death without the dignity'

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  1. Hi, the boot sale in in Farnborough - are u near? Its in the carpark right in the middle of the town roundabout - well worth checking out. I live 25 mins away so great it starts late. Would love to have been at your sale with the cheap hampers! I saw another at the bootsale but it looked pricey and i did resist the call of the wicker. Scarlett x


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