Sunday, 13 February 2011

Not So Lazy Sunday

I usually blog at night but I've got such a lot to do today that I'm grabbing a few minutes whilst Big Man and Carb Addict are on one of their jollies to B&Q and before I make lunch. Washing, changing beds, wrapping parcels, e-learning for the Census Job, photographing items for eBay (free listing today!), making dinner, finishing a lemon meringue pie for pudding tonight, updating my financial spreadsheet, maybe ironing (but only if there's no avoiding it!)....phew!!!! I've just had a week off work and I've achieved nothing as far as I can see. It's funny but I seem to get more done when I only have a limited amount of time to do it in. Let's see if that's the case today!! I'll let you know tomorrow what I actually get through.

Here's to a good week ahead xx


  1. Gosh! You made my head spin! I didnt manage to finish the ironing and a large part of the day was spent in PJ's! xxx

  2. Don't worry about it Diane - I didn't even start the ironing. I did the other bits though. xx


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