Thursday, 10 February 2011

Justifying Myself, Just..

Today I spent £33 on myself. It's the biggest single amount I've spent just on me for ages - even under normal (non-savings mode) circumstances I don't tend to spend a lot on myself. Other people yes, but not me.
I use, or used, something called 'Eau Bienfait de Clarte' by Lancome, which is a make-up remover, and a fantastic one at that. The last bottle I had was bought for me by Red a couple years ago. It lasted a long time but that's because I don't always wear make-up. Well, my bottle finally ran out so I looked online to see how much it costs now. The last lot was £17 for 200ml. I couldn't find any on Boots' website, on eBay or anywhere on Google and came to the conclusion that it was discontinued. Today in town mystery shopping I decided to ask what had happened to it at the Lancome counter in John Lewis. And it's only been renamed, that's all! It's now Eau Micellaire Douceur and a different colour.

So, that's where I indulged myself. £33 for 400ml. I am telling myself that it'll last a long time and that it's a brilliant product. And that I always get money for my birthday from my in-laws (next week!!!). And I've been working very hard to pay stuff down. Plus I got really cold and wet walking into town to do more mystery shopping.

I think I've convinced myself that I deserved it. What say you?

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