Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Don't You Want Me?

Two interesting experiences today, one profitable, the other costly (to me anyway, in my frugal state of mind).

I went into town with Red as she had been dying to try out Yo! Sushi for ages. Every time she comes home she suggests we go there for lunch so today we finally got round to it. Expensive isn't the word, and I can understand why Japanese people are so small and slight judging by the portions. If you've never been, you sit in a booth and a conveyor belt goes round past you. On the belt are 'plates' of sushi and you grab whatever you want. Each different style of sushi, sashimi or whatever is assigned a coloured plate and the colours correspond to a price. So green plates are vegetarian and cost £1.80. That would be for maybe 3 edamame beans and a julienned carrot. The most expensive were the grey plates at £5 and they are more substantial. Might fill a baby food jar. Well, we had five different coloured plates (none grey) and a tiddy pudding each and it cost, with the tip, £40. I think, we both thought, that it was dear and were pretty underwhelmed with the food. Still, as my granny used to say, 'we'll know another time'.

Second experience of the day involved a trip to London. I was supposed to be taking part in a focus group for 3 1/2 hours and getting paid £100 for it. I joined a research company and this was the first time that I fitted their criteria. I wasn't looking forward to getting home at midnight but who can turn down £100 in their hand these days? After all the other people arrived we were about to go in to focus or whatever we were doing when I was called back. Apparently I was the spare in case they were one short but everyone had turned up so I wasn't needed after all. But I still got paid!! RESULT!!! The very best thing that could have happened - pay for no work. And I was home by 8.30. But do you know what? I can't help feeling a little bit....unwanted. Silly isn't it? I would only have been setting off to get home by now instead of tapping away online but still, nobody likes to feel rejected. Not even when they've got £100 in their pocket..... 

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  1. I have never tried Yo Sushi, but like you I have a daughter that has often expressed an interest in the place - no chance now though having read your post - thank you - you have just saved me £40! eek!! xxx


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