Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Ideas Notebook

One of my goals for 2012 is to update my ideas notebook regularly so I thought I'd show (and tell) you what that is exactly. When I was doing my degree we were told to always keep a book with ideas in - it could be pictures, things you'd read, ticket stubs, photos, sketches of your own...whatever inspired you to create. Some bloggers have great ideas notebooks, very artistic, experimental and unusual. I love Sue Brown's sketchbook.

This is my notebook

I started this one a few years back, 2008, originally with the idea that I would write down books I wanted to read, usually after reading a write-up in the paper. Then I progressed to things I wanted to do/see/watch, then funny articles out of the paper, strange and bizarre pictures and general things that I admired or wanted to make myself (as in I make them, not that I made for my own use). As an example, the page belowhas; Five Ways To Live Longer (including 'Leave your kettle to sit for a minute after boiling' and 'Think about sex in your lunch hour'. Hmmmm); a clipping that says thongs now account for only 13% of all undies sold; information about squashes; a little cartoon of a male shoe shop assistant wearing a gas mask whilst fitting a shoe on a woman's foot - his manager is saying to him 'A word, Mr Henshaw'. I thought it was funny anyway ;); another article about the monetary value of a housewife; advice on packing your quilt sets into one of the pillowcases 'for ease every bed-change day!' I actually started doing this and find it a good idea; and finally a notice about Adele playing at the Southampton Guildhall - the tickets were only £15. Red and I went to the gig and Adele was very nervous but totally fab and it wasn't even full!

Mis mas of all sorts of interesting stuffs!

More books, info about calories in bread and a 'Day of the Dead' nighlight

The one thing that always makes me smile when I look at it (and I DO read my notebook, often) is an article I snipped from the paper when I first started out. It was about the way girls, ie daughters seem 'sugar and spice and all things nice' but are secretly planning chaos,whilst..

'Boys, especially in their early teens, are like domesticated goats - quite friendly, if wary, utterly uncomprehending but usually compliant. You are not on their planet, but they'll tolerate your occasional visit to theirs.'

I've yet to read a more spot-on appraisal of teenage boys, Mr Charming included, yet. Does this chime with your experience of sons?

PS I've loads to stick in my book...better get on with it! 


  1. I do the putting bedding sets into a pillowcase too! I think a book's a great idea - I could definitely do with one because I can't remember from one minute to the next what it is I want to do/ see or where I should be going!

  2. I tend to use Pinterest more and more for keeping interesting bits and pieces together, but still wouldn't be without my notebooks and folders with torn out bits and pieces in. I also have lists of books and films, things I've overheard, shopping lists, recipes, hairstyles torn out of magazines...

  3. Right! I am going to try the bedding thing too! Great idea and WHY didn't I think of that myself?? Also, totally love the ideas notebook. I have a thing for stationery and could spend a fortune on nice books/journal type things!

  4. What a lovely idea...I don't stick, I write in mine, but it's a memory book really, where I write all the stuff I need to look up, ref nos. and shopping lists.

    Couldn't be without mine.



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