Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Calling All Grammar Freaks!!!

Spot the (deliberate?) mistake.You'd think somewhere like Travelodge'd get it much do you reckon all these little signs cost them?


  1. I'll bite . . . The conjunction 'and' links two separate clauses, so they always try (what?) *and* they do their bit for the planet. The two clauses are mutually exclusive. The 'and' should be 'to' to indicate what they always make an effort at.

    This may all be based on American English grammar rules though (which can be different from British English at times). I'm guilty of being an English As a Second Language instructor and that's how I'd correct the sentence.

  2. That's how I explained it to my OH...they'll try and do what? And he said 'who cares?'
    Some people are Philistines. And he can't spell either ;P

    K xx

  3. Saw a good one today. The notice read Staff Vacancys! Not quite as good as a notice in a fish and chip shop which said "Sorry, shop closed due to Friars being cleaned!!"

  4. I am not saying I'm not prone to the *odd* mistake when I am typing an email in a hurry, but when I see spelling and grammar errors on the BBC website (which has happened recently) or within any other professional organisation, I despair.

    I am surrounded at work by people with dreadful spelling and grammar and I get wound up by it all the time.

  5. I know, you'd think these big organisations would be able to pay someone to use the grammar and spell check facility when they're doing their marketing.

    One of my favourites, which has actually become part of my family's vocabulary is the word "vertical",as used by a very old friend of mine. She told me once she had been talking to someone in the street but couldn't remember her name because she was a "vertical" stranger! Classic!

  6. I'm surprised they didn't manage to get an apostrophe in there too, now that would really wind me up. I found a blog the other day, not one of my regular reads, full of spelling and grammatical errors, I was so tempted to leave a comment correcting them.

  7. Anne just reminded me of when people say "Pacifically" instead of "specifically".



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