Tuesday, 7 February 2012

For Heaven's Sakes....!

How annoying is this? I've sold a book on Amazon for £12.50 and I can't bloody well find it. Why is everything so disorganised? I'm almost driven to join one of these de-cluttering challenges that are flying round blogland. But not quite.

Going to bed now to try to dream where I put it. Like that's going to happen...

BTW, thanks for your good wishes for Red everyone. She recovered sufficiently to go to Chiquitos this evening with a friend but I'm still planning to get her an appointment with the doc to check the heartbeat out.


  1. Good idea re appointment...Chiquitos should have put a smile back on her face though.


  2. Ooops, you'll probably come across it when you least expect it. Glad to hear that Red was feeling a little better last night, it's no fun being ill on your birthday.


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