Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Birthday Red!!!

My beautiful girl Red reached 22 today and she spent it curled up on the settee asleep. She's really suffering with 'raging' (according to the nurse at the walk-in centre) tonsillitis. She can't get comfortable in her own bed due to a spring in the mattress that's hurting her hip - so far she's been in my bed, Mr Charming's bed whilst he's at uni, and on the settee. She even spent all night downstairs the night before last! She has some antibiotics now and they seem to be doing the trick. I'm a bit worried though...she told me this morning that after climbing the stairs her heart was beating so hard that it really frightened her. I'm going to try to get her an emergency appointment at the doctors because she already has a heart murmur (all three kids do), plus Babcia has atrial fibrillation (erratic heartbeat, although she's pretty erratic generally so why should her heart be any different?) and all four of my grandparents (Red's great-grandparents) died of heart-related problems. I sometimes get that really pounding heart in bed at night - it feels so strong that you can almost see your chest jumping. I'm hoping it's nothing to be worried about....have any of you guys come across it?
So, we didn't go for our special meal to TGI Friday and will have to rearrange it for one night this week, which will mean neither of her brothers will be there. Seems a shame when Mr Charming will be home Thursday. Maybe we'll go then.

Awwww, bless!!!!


  1. Poor Red - she has my sympathy.It really can make you very ill. I suffered tonsillitis a lot as a child, then it disappeared and returned in my 30s, when I had it 5 times in 7 months. I was told if I got it again within a few months they would have to come out , but I didn't- thank goodness. Can't help with the pounding heart thing as I have a dicky ticker myself which does all kinds of strange things. Always best to get it checked out though - especially with such a strong family history.Hope Red gets well very soon!

  2. I had a bout of bad tonsilitis a few weeks back and had to have antibiotics. It made me feel so ill. Believe it or not, I also have an irregular heartbeat, sometimes I suffer really bad palpitations and usually find if I'm ill anyway, or under a lot of stress I'll get them really bad, so bad I have to sit down and regather my self. It may just be because she's so run down. Xx

  3. Get well soon Red. I don't have any knowledge about heart problems - and my tonsils were whipped out when I was five (in the dark ages) but she does have my sympathy. Lets hope the antibiotics kick in and do their job.

  4. Know what Reds going through. I had tonsillitis about 8 years ago and it was awful. Get well soon Red and Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday, Red, and Get Well Soon. The heartbeat is probably just because she's unwell, but always best to err on the side of caution and get it checked out.

    1. Happy Birthday Red! You can celebrate properly next week. And the week after....

  6. Again another late comment by me (sorry!) but wanted to ask if Red drinks a lot of caffeine and/or is taking any type of hormone?

    I get palpitations if I drink too much caffeine and also I take norethisterone for womanly issues and I notice my heart doing odd things sometimes (it is a mentioned side effect on the leaflet).

    But I hope you did get a doctors appointment sorted about it.


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