Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Everybody's Doing It.......

...setting out their goals for 2012 that is (and NOT 'picking their nose and chewing it' as we used to say so charmingly at school. Yuck.) So not wanting to be left out I thought I'd jot a couple down. Nothing major, nothing too onerous, just stuff that won't cause me to throw myself flailing onto the ground in tears if I don't accomplish them. I like to aim low, or as Babcia says, 'hope for the best but expect the worst'.

So, in the spirit of the (Year of the) Dragon, my resolutions for 2012 are;

1. Say 'no' more often. I said I wouldn't work any more nights again after the last time and this latest one really took it out of me. The trouble is that when one of my colleagues needs help I can't stop myself from offering. I must stop trying to be all things to all people.
2. Look at the calendar and my diary every day to see what's been organised. Big Man is very good at marking things down that I then totally miss because I've not checked for weeks.
3. Pay more attention to my husband, Big Man. He has a lot of good points and I'm sure he sometimes feels like the enemy in his own home. I should try to stop treating his TV choices with contempt too because that's just mean. ;P
4. Make my grown-up kids take responsibility for their own lives. They can do things for themselves, I just have to let them/make them.
5. Go to bed at a reasonable time. Aiming for pre-midnight.....
6. Read 100 books this year. I will post a pic of my loft (aka Babcia's bedroom....I really do have a madwoman in the attic, tee hee!) and you'll all see how library-like it is. There must be 100 books on the floor by the two full bookcases that are up there, plus a third bookcase with self-help tomes on it. None of which have helped me. I'm aiming to not buy any books this year either, just read my stock. This'll be hard - I almost bought this and this yesterday because I really want to read them - but they'll come to me somehow, I'm sure of it. I can't really use the library because I have a biggish fine outstanding, as does Red (from a DVD Carb Addict borrowed on her card and then lost for two years. Ratatouille if you're interested) though I guess I could use one of the men's cards....one of them may be fine-free. Anyway, I'm an extremely fast reader so I'm not expecting 100 books to be too onerous.

Similar to my loft but I don't have a ladder up there. Or an old man.
7. Make sure I order my prescription in plenty of time so I don't end up having to buy stuff to tide me over.
8. Set mine and Babcia's Etsy shop up properly. She has made masses of stuff and I've made nowt.
9. Finish knitting my Christmas Advent Tree for next Christmas. I am a lazy, lazy woman.
10. See more SeeFilmFirst free movies this year than last.
11. Update my ideas notebook.
12. Try to write 200 posts this year and get 100 followers.

Tomorrow I'll have my year-end sitrep and some financial goals. Before I go please listen to the video below and tell me if her voice and this song don't weave some kinda magic together. Spine-tingling....


  1. Hi, great goals! Quite a challenge to read 100 books, good luck with that :-) You've got another follower, so I hope that brings you a bit closer to the goal of 100. I've just started my English blog and shared my goals as well. Since I just started, I don't have any blog-related goals yet, but working on that!

  2. Wow - just listened to the song - amazing voice!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. I think reading 100 books is an excellent goal. And so is saying 'No.' And so is going to bed earlier.

    I used to be a night owl but I go to bed by 10pm at the latest, these days, which gives me at least an hour to read. Sometimes I do read until the book is finished though, if it's good enough. Did that two nights ago with Never Let Me Go and put the light out at 1.40am. Oops. :)

  4. These really made me smile keshling....'nothing too onerous' v 'read 100 books' (etc!)
    I also smiled at the 'let them/make them'!

    Love it. Good luck with all of these...I've avoided the list so far (procrastination wins again). My eldeast recently said his motto for life was 'never try, never fail'. I was initially horrified...then recognised something of myself!!!
    HNY to you
    fee x
    (currently reading The Tigers Wife - loving. just FYI)

  5. I am the world's least discerning reader so I doubt many of the 100 books will be very high-brow! I like thrillers and mysteries with a bit of social history and auto/biographies so they'll be my main subject matter.
    Thanks for all your comments thru 2011 guys btw - they mean a lot!

    K xx

  6. Happy new year. These sound like good guidelines. I fear I should buy no more books until I've read what I have too... Oops. Xx

  7. Good list. I particularly like, "say no more often" and will nab that one for myself!


  8. Maybe you should ditch the tv and read to Big Man every night - 2 birds with one stone!
    I think the saying 'no' is the most important one, how can you do the other things if you keep saying 'yes' to everyone?
    Can't view the clip on my phone, I'll check it later on.

    Go for it in 2012 - you can do anything you like.

    Lucy x

  9. Happy New Year Keshling! Good list. Re the library fines and avoidance of, you need to borrow a toddler and get a ticket in their name - I tend to get my books out on boy2's ticket - he's very advanced in his reading choices!


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