Saturday, 15 January 2011


Do you know what Schadenfreude is?

It's defined as 'a malicious satisfaction obtained from the misfortunes of others'. Did you even know there's a word for that? Would you think badly of me if I told you I had that very feeling yesterday?!

If there's one thing that's guaranteed to get me rolling my eyes and tutting it's people riding bikes on the pavement. And by people I really mean teenage boys and men up to about 35. Because it's never middle-aged women or mothers with a tagalong on the back of their bike. Oh no, it's males who are quite capable of riding on the road but they won't because they want to persecute pedestrians by weaving in and out then speeding up madly. Why do they do it? I suppose these people are just cocking a snook at society - they want to do whatever they like and balls to everyone else. I didn't bring my kids up like that but obviously a lot of parents did. Years ago, when policemen walked the streets, they always pulled people up for riding on the pavement but now, well it's just another thing, like talking on your mobile whilst driving, that's against the law but isn't enforced. Where I live the pavements are pretty wide and there are always big boys riding on them, despite notices up that say it's a pedestrian area and that there is a spot fine of £30 if you are caught. Well, many's the time I've seen PCSOs walking along and they don't stop these idiots which makes the signs, and the fines, a complete waste of time. However, malefactors are not always punished by law..........

Whilst standing at bus stop yesterday a studenty type of chap, about Mr Charming's age came flying along on his bike. The wide pavement was greasy and wet with rain....he lost concentration for a minute....the front wheel skidded...he went crashing to the ground and slid along on his can picture the rest. I had a split second of Schadenfreude...and then Mum-mode took over and I went over to help him up, check he was okay, pick his belongings up and help with his bike.

Not such a mean Keshling after all.

PS. He then got back on his bike and rode off..on the pavement.

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