Sunday, 2 January 2011

Cheap Date!

Most people would think that 11:00 on a Sunday morning is an odd time to see a film that doesn't feature talking animals or cartoon baddies. But if you love movies but don't love paying cinema prices it's a great time to see previews. This morning I went with Big Man to a preview of Russell Crowe's latest film, 'The Next Three Days'. We were disappointed with the last one we saw him in, 'Robin Hood' (complete with Irish accent!!) but were really impressed with this latest offering. I knew that it was a remake of a French film, 'Pour Elle' but other than that didn't know what to expect. Well, all I can say is if you get a chance to see it then go! I'm a real drama queen at the cinema...I get so into it, gasping, hiding my face, watching through my fingers. I'm like a cavewoman would have been the first time she saw fire!!! And there were plenty of face-hiding opportunities, especially near the end. It's a great film with a great story and great acting. And best of all it was free! We got tickets from via MSE - if you subscribe to the (I think) Fantastic Freebies thread on the forum you get notified of free previews coming up. You can also join the Showfilmfirst Facebook group too and get notifications. I'm aiming to see as many free films as possible this year. I guess we could have been even more frugal if we'd walked to the cinema but that would've entailed getting up earlier and I'm not quite ready for that yet.....!


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