Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Rabbiting On......

One of the schemes I am trying in order to reduce our debts is using up food from the freezer and the store cupboards. I think this was discussed on the MSE Money Saving Old Style forum. I have two freezers - one in the wash house and one in the garage (a freecycled treasure). Whilst rooting through the garage freezer before Christmas I came across a jointed rabbit that had somehow slipped through the dinner net. For the last three years. (The freezer has been cleaned out during that time, just in case you think I'm a total slut - I just kept the rabbit in a perpetual cryogenic state). Anyway, the rabbit looked fine and when I defrosted it it smelled fine...a bit gamey but that's because it's well, game, right? And, dear reader.....we ate it. In a stew with cider, honey and dumplings. It was delish and I, Big Man and Mr Charming are still here to tell the tale! I've always said that 'use by' dates are just a guideline.
In other ways too today was productive. I paid a cheque into the bank which will clear a small overdraft and I can then close the account. One debt down, many to go. I was less successful when I tried to sell a prize I won in a raffle a year or so ago. It's a freshwater pearl and silver necklace that still had a price of £75 on it. I tried Cash Converters and Cash Generator but neither were interested. One said that they would give me £2.99 but to be honest I'd rather give it back to the Red Cross shop that I won it from than skulk off with £3. There's always the car boot once the warmer weather comes and the little animals gambol and caper in the fields...lambs, calves, bunnies....!!

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