Saturday, 21 May 2011

A Tale Of Two Kiddies

Mr Charming has, in the last couple of days, paid his first month's rent cheque for the flat he is sharing during his second year at uni in Cornwall. Today he sent me a text to let me know he got an essay back and his mark was 7% off a First.

Red texted me today and said that the landlord has sent an eviction notice to her and her four housemates. In the last couple of days she has decided that she is going to drop out of her Psychology degree at the end of this, her second year, and 'find a job'.

Somebody please tell me everything's gonna work out fine!!


  1. Keshling, great blog, great sense of humour, and love your tales of 'your spying work'!
    I'm halfway through Feb with your antics, but this post about Red...I feel for you and as you've said yourself you never stop worrying about your children.

    This sounds wishy-washy but things do have a way of working themselves out. I remember being 21 and really not worrying about 'what I was going to do' next.

    Back to February...

  2. Oh Keshling - my heart goes out to you! I know its hard to believe, but things will work out OK. You are in my thoughts.

  3. My mam always used to say when my girls were small that they'd always be a worry, because she still worried about me. I used to shrug this off with an "I don't know why, I 'm doing fine, there's nothing to worry about". Well my girls are grown and do I worry? You bet I do, I'm their mam! But things do usually work out - I just sometimes wish that I could shield them from the mistakes they will inevitably make in life, but if we did that they'd never learn from them and grow. Ah the joys of motherhood! (I'd not have it any other way though). xxx


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