Monday, 2 May 2011

Goodbye Malicia, Goodbye

I said I had some exciting news the end of this week and I think it's finally safe to tell you. If you read this post you'll remember that I've been working for a truly toxic boss, Malicia. Well, we had a staff meeting a few weeks ago and the kicker at the end was that she had handed in her resignation and would be leaving on April 27. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah, hallelujah, halleeeeelujah!!!

It was really odd because on the agenda was 'Manager' and when we got to that item, the last on the list she said 'Well, I want you all to know that Malicia is leaving, she's setting off for pastures new' and continued talking about herself in the third person. Bizarre. She carried on to say that she had been headhunted and had two interviews and actually been offered the job but turned it down (a likely story - would any company headhunt a 62 year old who is leaving her job voluntarily after 10 months? I think not.) She told us that she is thinking of opening a coffee shop with her other half who has now retired and wants her to slow down. For varying reasons, not least that she can't relate to people and has none of the warmth of character you expect from a host, I can't see her pulling this one off. Stas, our lovely Polish RGN always says that 'she is like vampire, taking all the happiness away'. Not really what you want serving up your muffin and latte.

One or two of the staff said 'all the best' and 'good luck for the future' but I said nothing. I can't be a hypocrite....I just remember how she upset and offended everybody; has had almost every member of staff in tears at times; and drove out our lovely Clinical Manager and our great fun, dynamic chef. No, I am not sorry in the slightest...inside I was cheering. And the best news is that our super laid back Deputy Manager is taking over from her. It's the best possible result. All last week the atmosphere was so much lighter - we could laugh, have a bit of a joke....we all sat down together with the residents and watched the Royal Wedding. Everybody was happy and relaxed. There's just no way that would have been allowed had Malicia been there. I already liked my job, despite everything. Now I'm gonna LOVE it!!!!

And no, I didn't sign her card or put anything in the collection. Anybody who can tell a person they're not smiling enough at work a fortnight after their sister died wouldn't get the steam off my ?!%*@, as they say in the North....


  1. What a great Easter present!

    Tho maybe Malicia WAS headhunted. By Hottentots :O))

  2. That is great news - congratulations! I remember all too well what it was like to have a bad relationship with a boss, and she wasn't anything like as bad as Malicia sounds. I can't believe she said that to you after a bereavement. What a bitch!

  3. I am SO pleased for you honey. I am blessed to be a person who goes through the day (as a a manager) being told by her staff that she has helped them, and it was horrid to read that you were receiving anything less. Breathe easy and take pleasure in your work. You have climbed a hill. FM x

  4. Aah this sounds like a dream come true, hope your job is much better now! I've had bosses like that and I usually left before they did, grr! I'm with you on the not card signing tho, if I dont like someone when they're there, I sure won't like them even if they leave! :)

  5. You should have taken a quid out when the collection came around.

    Glad she'd gone though.



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