Thursday, 26 May 2011

Stardrops Keep Falling On My Head

Well they will do when you buy nine bottles at a time!

Apologies to anybody on the South Coast who is looking for Stardrops but when I tracked down nine bottles (all they had) on the shelf of Poundstretcher I had to buy them all - who knows when I might find some again? To those who haven't used it before Stardrops is the apex of cleaning fluids, making any and all household tasks a breeze! (O dear....looking at old knitting patterns yesterday has made me talk like a 50s housefrau!!). I first heard about Stardrops on and when I saw it in Wilkos I thought I'd try it. I've gone through a couple bottles since then and it's become harder and harder to find it. It's not been available for ages in my local Sainsburys or Asda; they've heard of it but don't sell it at Clarence Hardware (just about THE best hardware store in the know, the kind where all the prices are handwritten and you can buy a single screw?); and like I said, it's not stocked at my local Wilko's. They have offered to get some sent in from Fareham or Boscombe but given the level of staff torpor there I've pretty much given up on that happening. I did ask Babcia to be on the lookout for it in our malignant Northern hometown but now I've found it myself she can cross that off her list of jobs. Are Stardrops more of a Northern thing, like patties and savoury ducks do you think?

The only problem I have now is where to store them - at the frequency I do my housework they'll be there a loooong time!!


  1. Hello:
    Happily we have never heard of Stardrops and, considering the shortage of it in Britain, it is unlikely, we feel, to be exported to Budapest at any time soon!

    Besides, Tímea, our housekeeper and cook, would be very suspicious of anything which she considered to be 'foreign' so, for the moment, your stockpile is quite safe.

    But, on the other hand.......!

  2. Had never heard of Stardrops before - must look out for it. Love the pic of the bored cleaner! I hate housework!

  3. Never heard of Stardrops either, but now you've given it such a glowing review it'll become even harder to find!

  4. I bought a bottle last week on my mum's recommendation. I am very pleased with it so far, I have a dark wood floor which shows up every smear and I'd all but given up trying to find a suitable detergent to clean it. It has a real fifties feel to it, I must buy a high-waisted apron to really feel the part next time I use it.

  5. p.s my blog doesn't give much away about my interests, likes, dislikes and so on! I am working on a second blog (about my charity shop finds etc) and will give you my emaail address if you like? Look forward to swapping...Lucy x


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