Sunday, 8 May 2011

Catching Up

As a result of six weeks continuous work (census, polling station, pedestrian counting) the house has gone to rack and ruin and I need to catch up with my housework big style. It needs a jolly good sort out and clean....a real Spring Clean is what's needed but it won't get one just yet. We're going on a trip!

Big Man and I are spending two nights in York, leaving tomorrow. It's only a cheapie Travelodge break but for £19 a night you can't complain. Neither of us have been there before so it'll all be new. Apart from the Jorvik Centre, which I really want to see, we're happy to just take things as they come. I have printed off a list of charity shops in York from this website so I'm ready to go. Still have to pack but I'll do that in the morning. And a bonus is that we'll stop off and see Babcia and Dad on the way up and Big Man's folks, Patsy and Babs, on the way back. They are near Stamford, another place I'd like to visit. I would've liked to stayed a night in Stamford too but I don't want to leave Otto for too long.

I'll be back blogging with lots of pics (I hope!) on Thursday. Byesie-bye!!!!


  1. York is really special, you'll have a great time :O)

  2. Have a great time - there's so much to do in York! Good luck with the charity shops!


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