Saturday, 7 January 2012


Oh dear, I'm not doing very well with one of my goals for this year. I said that I was going to try to treat Big Man's TV choices with less contempt but it was a struggle this evening. It's not as if I'm always watching National Geographic, or Sky Arts or BBC4 - I watch as much crap as anybody else - but he seems to go for the most ridiculous, ludicrous programmes. His favourite, not to be missed shows, are Casualty and Holby City, both strange choices for someone who had a heart attack I think. He likes real-life hospital/air ambulance/paramedic shows too but for some reason I don't find them too repellant, just the dramas.

I don't know if it's the sheer preposterousness of the story lines (tonight Casualty had a motorway pile-up; a taboo teacher/pupil relationship that resulted in an overdose, the twist being that the teacher was a woman; a gas explosion; a dangerous chemical leak; an affair where the unwitting spouse was in a wheelchair; and the reopening of the department) or the way all the staff are painted as caring for their patients to the extent where one or more nurse/doctor/orderly/receptionist is at risk of losing their job/s each week just because they care so much. It's all such a load of old hogwash that really, it's an insult to the viewers. Big Man usually watches it upstairs whilst I carry on with whatever I'm doing in the front room but tonight I fell asleep on the settee and when I woke up it was on.

I was able, with difficulty, to restrain my usual cutting remarks on the risibility of the whole show. I may have given a few sarcastic snorts; I may, once or twice, have said 'this is such cack!!!!', but on the whole I was pretty good. I've decided that in order to keep to my resolution in future I'm gonna have to insist Big Man watches Casualty upstairs from now on. It might mean I don't get to see the divine Michael French any more but at least I'm in with a shout of meeting one goal this year ;P

What TV shows do you avoid?


  1. LOL! With us, it's just the other way around. BF loves to watch National Geographic and Discovery Channel, and I usually watch crap. But I try to watch less tv, since I hardly get anything done if I do...

  2. I watch it on catch up in fast forward!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. All is not lost, he's back in EastEnders.

    A superior soap, to which I'm addicted. (I know, I know!)


  4. I cannot watch the x factor, strictly, dancing on ice. Britain's got talent and all the rest of the dross. My weakness is american crime drama's. CSI and Criminal Minds and the like. just no brainer TV. great.

  5. My favourites are The Sopranos, The Wire and right now, Sons of Anarchy. Why can't we make stuff like that here, instead of 'kitchen sink dramas'?

  6. I'm really poor at watching TV anyway, I know it sounds boring but aside from the News there's very little I do watch. I do, however, love Come dine with me. :-) x

  7. I watched Sherlock this evening, which is daft but diverting. Mainly watch American boxsets of the same ilk as those you've mentioned. I can't watch anything with Jordan/Peter or Kerry Katona in.

  8. We watch Casualty exactly because it is such twaddle. It's so bad it's good!

    We love all the explosions and car chases and dramas - not because they are riveting but because they are so predictable, and are clearly trying so hard to copy ER and yet fail so miserably. How can it be so hard to do it right? Why are the Americans so much better at this sort of thing?

    We spend the entire programme in stitches, and making sarcastic comments about things as they're right, it's completely laughable.

    Regarding last Saturday's show, can you imagine a real life hospital opening one morning with the staff fumbling around in the dark looking for a light switch? And would health and Safety allow an untested A&E unit to open? And building an entire housing estate on a toxic dump?

    Oh man it was hilarious. Every single thing - including the unchanging wooden, non-acting of that chap who plays Charlie.

    I don't watch soap operas at all - my husband loves East Enders and I usually go upstairs and leave him to it.. but.if I do stay in the room I sometimes lift my head from the laptop and moan about the garbage on the screen. I really hate East Enders. And Corrie. I've never even watched the other soaps - not one episode.

  9. I avoid most stuff. I used to watch tv quite a lot, but don't bother so much anymore. I do enjoy Antique Roadtrip when it's on - glorious scenery, treasures and auctions - my kind of programme.And I like The Biggest Loser too - because I've lost weight and kept it off. Hubby and daughter love all things sci-fi , but most of it just leaves me cold.


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