Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Spaghetti Western Kinda July.....

...full of the good, the bad and the downright ugly.


I had a lovely visit with Babcia for a week. It's so wonderful to see her and it doesn't happen nearly enough.

I made a couple of goodish sales on eBay on the last day of the month. It's always great to add more money to the coffers.

I was given four awards by fellow bloggers - it's so flattering to be appreciated!

I got my daughter Red home from London in one piece, for the forseeable future at least. I only ever feel 100% happy when she's under my roof.

My colleagues and I are building up a really great working relationship - adversity has turned us into a great little team.


I had no real control over my budget right from the start of July so I'm not going to bother doing a sitrep - I'm back on track now though I hope. It'll be harder to keep a lid on the food budget especially with five adults in the house.

I didn't take all the opportunities I had to list on eBay and have probably lost money as a result.

I had to use our little cushion of money to bail Red out of her rent crisis and Big Man is doing my nut in harping on about it. Despite the facts that a) he didn't even know it was there, and b) it was £680 to help our own child out as opposed to the £18,000 he  saddled us with by not wanting to put employees (who let's face it were nothing to us and walked into new jobs without a backward glance the Monday after we had to finish them) out of work. Nobody can understand how much it grieves me to think that my husband begrudges his own child :'(

I had three lots of £8 bank charges as a result of going over my overdraft. Makes me feel like all the hard work I've put in so far is crumbling. I'm gonna have to be extremely focussed and very ordered. More lists needed! More spreadsheets needed!!

I was bitten on the face by an insect. It's taken two weeks to go back to normal. As normal as I ever look that is ha ha.


Red and Big Man had a very poor relationship before she went to uni in London two years ago; it was a relief when she left and the truly terrifying, terrible arguments came to an end. Now, after just one week things are becoming fraught. She is very forthright and headstrong...he can be pedantic and thinks things are the same now as they were when he joined the Navy at 16. An example. Big Man to Red - 'Why haven't you got a job yet?' Red to Big Man - 'I only came home the day before yesterday!!!'  You see? And I am always in the middle. I want to say 'LEAVE ME ALONE!!! I DON'T CARE!!!'. I feel too old and tired for this crap right now and I only see it getting worse.

We are short-staffed at work and I have not been doing my real job. I keep getting asked to do carer hours and my activities hours are going by the wayside. This is a problem because I am working very long hours (for me anyway), in a job I don't really care much for at all (hands-on care work) but feel I have to do because I don't want to see my colleagues struggling, and because I of course want/need the money. I'm stuffed, basically.

There have already been several heated debates between Big Man and I over the perceived failings of Red and Mr Charming (no, even he hasn't escaped Big Man's critical eye either). Don't see that stopping any time soon.

It's going to take everything I've got this month not to go under.


  1. Why are you giving yourself a hard time over stuff you have little/no control over?
    Feeding 5 adults must cost a bomb, I spend a ridiculous amount on grub and 3 of us are kids!
    I would be tempted to go all American and devise a list of house 'rules'. Personality clashes are a nightmare in families, and usually because of too many similarities - not differences. Maybe explain how much it upsets you and tell them they'll all be screwed if you end up ill with the stress, without you working your butt off - where are they?
    Maybe Red coud take over the reins with the e-baying for you? DO some boot sales? Sell some cakes, scour the charity shops for re-saleable items? It's great being the family 'rock' but sometimes people need to see your frailties to realise you're not an endless reserve of patience, energy, the peacekeeper and general dogsbody. You've achieved more in July than I have, and anybody else I know (and the rest of your family?).
    Keep prasing yourself, you are not a blinkin' robot.

  2. Hear hear, I don't really have much I can (politely) add so I second Lucy's excellent suggestions. The idea of Red doing the Ebay stuff is a good one - hopefully it will give you a bit of a break and also allow your husband to see her 'doing something' (although 2 days home and no job sniping just seems ridiculous to me, surely he's aware of this one some level?)

    Onwards and upwards!


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