Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Help A Poor Halfwit

Two questions that I'm sure someone out there will be able to help me with.

First, what is pinching out sweet peas and how do I do it?

Second, how do you put 'buttons' at the side of your blog? I know you're meant to go into the HTML bit and cut and paste the code but when I look at the HTML blog thing I don't have a clue where to insert the button code. Tried just putting it at the end but that doesn't do anything. There is a button I want to put on my blog but I'm such a dope that it seems impossible...

Help me, help.


  1. Pinching out is anyones guess, but buttons I might stand a chance with.

    From your dashboard go to settings. Somehwere o the page there will be a tab or a link that says layout, select this and then find the link for ADD GADGET. Select add HTML, the rest is pretty self explanatory. Hope that helps. Xx

  2. I see Settings alright but I can't see Layout anywhere...just stuff like Basic, Formatting, Archiving. Am I even on the right page?

  3. Isn’t pinching out when you literally pinch the growing point to make the plant more bushy? But what do I know I’ve never grown sweet peas? Seems to work for other green things though. Sorry I can’t help with the button thingy, I’m as new to this blogging lark as you are; learning a bit every day though. I picked you up from Lucewoman’s page and I’ve been enjoying your posts. I have to say the unread books in the attic is nothing........you shouldcome here! Oh BTW ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ on your bookshelf? I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.

  4. Buttons will ever remain a mystery to me. Sweet Peas however are a different story. I wouldn't call myself a sweetpea Guru but pinching out is done when the young plants have 4 sets of leaves which causes other much sturdier shoots to grow up from the root. Then as they grow tie them to supports and be sure to pinch off the little curly tendrils which will otherwise twist around anything near to them. The things near to them will likely be other sweet pea flower stalks. If that happens your sweet pea flower stalks will be bent and twisted and instead of looking ethereal and graceful in a vase your sweet peas will look like hobbled aliens.



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