Saturday, 2 February 2013

Once More With Feeling.....

You might remember, if you're one of the 80 followers that didn't unfollow me, that I said...oh, quite a while ago that I was Back. I wasn't back after all. But now I'm back!!!! From outer space!!!! Well, some round here do call our neck of the woods Mutant Mile, but that's by the by.

Since last we met I've been to Kefalonia. Then New York with Red and Babcia, who treated the citizens to her own special kind of nuttiness. Worked very hard at the same alternately wonderful/misery-making job. Got kinda engrossed in family history. Carb Addict left home. Not spent crazy amounts of money, which is always a good sign when your blog is kind of about saving money and paying stuff off. Not much else though...just lost the taste for blogging. Lately I've been thinking how things that happen to me would make fun posts.....I think that's a sign that I've been away too long.

No promises that I'll be writing as much as before (blogging community lets out a scream of relief) but I think I will be writing....


  1. Welcome back. Think we all go through phases where we can't be bothered with blogging or think I've written about it all before, what else can I write about?

  2. Welcome back, there are no rules about blogging, ya just do it as and when you can/want to, if that is every day, week, month or a bit sporadic so be it. :)
    Your travels sound good.
    Take care
    Jan :)

  3. Yay!! You've been missed, and it's good to see you back.

  4. Hello! Looking forward to hearing these stories! I think it's good to take a bit of a break every now and then. You get inspired by life, not trying to write! :)

  5. Hard sometimes to keep the blogging momentum going. I am there too. Struggling. So, welcome back.

  6. Hey, great to see you back. I had a bit of a break too. Sometimes it gets too late to do, or I just don't feel like it or I think what I've written is crap and then suddenly I'll think this is these words will be typed. I guess we'll just write when we want hehe.

  7. Waving to you from across the river!
    Lisa x


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