Friday, 8 February 2013

And She's Off!!!!

First weigh-in at Slimming World was Tuesday just gone and I'm 7lbs down. Pretty happy with that - an average kind of first week loss although I have lost 11lbs in a first week once. This time I've decided to eat normally (ie not starve myself) on weigh-in days. If you don't eat all day there's a danger that you'll go home after group and chow down on everything in sight, which I've done soooo many times - this time I decided that I was going to be sensible and moderated. Hopefully I'll finally be successful!
I'm a big believer in rewarding yourself with little non-food treats when you have a good week on a diet so tomorrow I'm going to have some eyelash extensions. Yes, I do realise it's not really a little treat but Big Man has paid for them for my birthday, and it's half-price because a trainee is doing them, so I'm classing them as such. I'm really excited about it!!

I expect to look something like this tomorrow afternoon....


  1. Well done you! I've kept my weight off for 2 years now, and lost a bit more. It's a great feeling after years of being fat and thinking I was going to be like that forever.

  2. Thanks for following me! I think your posts are witty, sarcastic, poignant and below-the-belt honest. Bravo!!

  3. Excellent first week result.
    A meet up on the Common would be good, just waiting for the weather to play ball and tempt us out.
    Have a good weekend.
    Lisa x

  4. Well done! I'm following the 5:2 regime, but I found Slimming World was great when I was in the UK.
    How much do you want to lose?


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