Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Where I Succumb - Big Time - To 'Wants, Not Needs'

It's half-term here which means Carb Addict is home from his placement (he usually goes on a Monday morning and comes home Friday afternoon) and Big Man has taken a week's time off in lieu to look after him. As much as an 18 year old who doesn't care whether you're there or not and is well able to entertain himself needs looking after. By the way, I advise anyone who might be thinking of visiting Intech near Winchester tomorrow to give a prancing young man with a mohawk and baggy trousers (he's run off a lot of weight despite eating...well, a lot of carbs, obviously) and a large, scowling, hungry-looking, ex-military type a wide berth. Just saying.....;P Red had the day off from portering so I took my day off today as well to spend some quality time together. The idea was that we would go to a local rummage sale at 9.30 then on to Gunwharf Quays at Portsmouth for a bit of Christmas shopping and general slurping around. This was going to be test of our willpower because apart from other shops there is a Cadbury's outlet there and we are both doing Slimming World right now.

At the last minute the plans had to change because Big Man's work rang to say that the driver standing in for him this week had suddenly entered a manic phase of his manic depression so could Big Man help them out blah blah blah.... He needed the car in the morning so we decided to go instead to Eastleigh which is a...well, I suppose it's a town. Bigger than a village and not a city so I guess small town would be right. It's very popular with me and Babcia when she visits because it has loads of charity shops including some small, obscure ones.

I think this shop is closed now but it was (not to put too fine a point on it) smelly
and odd. I got some really great stuff for eBay from here that I made loads on. 

However, we were not chazzing today, although I would've liked to. Of course I would! Instead we started in Claire's Accessories where they had an offer - spend £10 and get a voucher for £5 off your next spend of £10 or over. We were able to spend £10 with ease on barrettes - mine are little red horns and Red's are small, blood-spattered skeletal hands. She says she's wearing them to work at Halloween but I'm not so sure they're appropriate when she's taking people to theatre and back. And a pair of 'deer in a woodland scene' knee socks for Babcia. She always has very cold feet, plus she mainly wears black so these socks can be a splash of colour under her trousers. You didn't think I meant she'd wear them with a skirt did you? She's not that eccentric! The girl behind the counter was a bit naughty. She wasn't going to give me the £5 voucher at all - I had to ask her for it. Wonder how many people walked out without one?
Next we moved on to Monsoon and Accessorize where I saw the most beautiful enamelled bird trinket box for £15. I didn't succumb to that but I did tell Red I'd like it for Christmas if she was wondering what to buy me...:)

Pretty. I want it.

They also had delightful little enamelled robins, Christmas tree ornaments I think, which I would have loved. But as I'd spent £45 (yup, the succumbing started at B&Q yesterday. And now we have so many decorations we will have to put both our trees up this year) on decorations the day before, I hesitated to get more.

Pretty. I want it.

Red found a dress she liked and tried it on. At £35 I thought it was a bit steep and it's not for any particular occasion so I said she should ask them to keep it for her for a couple hours whilst she looked round. I hoped she would forget all about it and save her money. We had a quick skeg in New Look (tacky, poorly-made, unflattering to anyone over 15, not even particularly cheap - that was Red's opinion and she's only 21); Dorothy Perkins (lovely costume jewellery but nothing to make you say 'wow!'); then into my favourite store in the world, after Century 21 - TK Maxx. And the spending began....

Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Coconut Pecan Frosting...didn't need
Beano's Deli Mustard with Real Horseradish....didn't need either
Jelly Bean Factory Mint Sorbet Jelly Beans...didn't need but only 50p
Smoky Iguana Smoky Jalapeno Chipotle Salsa...definitely didn't need
Pair of Men's Socks by Pringle.....reduced but still unnecessary
Sebnini Floral Bouquet Scented Candle....not needed but oh, so wanted!
Sebnini Mimosa Scented Candle....ditto
Belle Maison Vanilla Verbena Scented Candle....definitely ditto!
Home Bake by Eric Lanlard.....Christmas present so semi-needed - just not right now
Desserts and Puddings Magnetic Jotter Pad.....another stocking filler...see above
Four Cupcake Soaps, Caramel Cream Variety.....ditto
July 2011 - December 2012 Diary...WHICH I NEEDED!!!!!
Advent Candle for Carb Addict.....would have got one sooner or later I suppose...
White Reindeer Head with Antlers to hang on the wall......ha! most definitely NOT needed but wanted sooooo badly.

And that, friends, is how you spend £65. I only feel a little shamefaced about the reindeer head but it is so cool and SUCH fun! I'll have to keep an eye on Carb Addict though - he seems a bit freaked out by it.

Similar to this but totally white. I'll post a pic when it's in situ!

I think because I haven't spent money on anything extraneous this year I went a bit wild but it won't happen again...just had to kick back for an afternoon. We finished off with a mooch around the wonder that is 99p Stores (if you don't have one near you then I pity you because 99p Stores RAAAAAWWWKKK!!!!) Who would believe that you could get so much wonderful, incredible stuff for less than a quid....sometimes two items for less than a quid!!! Forget Poundland, 99p Stores knocks it into a cocked hat. Despite it's all-round fabbishness however, we didn't buy anything. This time.

Red went back and bought the dress by the way. It is currently still in the bag at the bottom of the stairs, where I expect it to stay until I take it up to her room. I'm not the only one who succumbed to 'wants, not needs' today.


  1. We have so few Christmas decorations our tree is always quite bare, and only the front is decorated.

    I'm not bothered about having a tree anyway, but my husband is and insists on driving into the countryside to a tree farm to pick one out, only to get home and have an almost naked tree standing in the sitting room for 3 weeks. Maybe this year will be different. Probably not.

    Anyway, nice shopping spree you had there - it's lovely to get home and look at all the purchases, isn't it. :)

  2. Sounds like a bit of retail therapy was the order of the day. There is no way you could have written a shopping list for these things, everything was discovered. My MIL goes shopping knowing exactly what she wants to buy, and where she's going to find it.
    I love coming home with a pile of bits and pieces and looking at them, then putting them back in the bag, looking ay them again, and finally finding a home for everything.
    I want a 99p shop! Only have an unofficial £1 shop here, the type which also sells things for £2.99.

  3. Eastleigh is a good place for a mooch every now and then!
    I have spent lots of happy times in the free museum in the hols with the children, the park is good. We've also had good times at the Christmas light switch on and market.
    Love TK Maxx too, some things are just too ahrd to resist in there!
    Lisa x

  4. What a lovely spendy day!

    I'm aiming to have one of those in about 2013!


  5. why, I feel like I've got my hit of retail therapy just from reading this post!
    lovely way to spend the day
    fee x

  6. Thank you for your lovely comment on my post - I blushed and was very pleased. I also snorted with laughter at you telling Red that skeletal bloody hand hairclips aren't appropriate for hospital work - I kind of see where you're coming from!

    I am OBSESSED with both Christmas decorations and TK Maxx, so your shopping trip sounds like my kind of outing (we have a 99p shop as well). The deer head sounds fabulous - we have one of those aluminium ones, he gets baubles on his antlers at Christmas...

  7. Hello there Re that blanket it was an opshop find has a few holes and looks great from a distance lol Thanks for dropping in am going to check your blog and follow along xx I see some things on your blog already that I am liking muchly


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