Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Great Keshling Giveaway!!!!

I am struggling my way ever upwards but I'm hoping to hit 100 followers before too long. For a little push I am planning a giveaway in the next fortnight, just things that reflect the kind of stuff I like and stuff I write about - saving money, food, old things, creating.....have to find something also that relates to my inherent snarkiness. Hmmmm. To do that I've decided to go to Babcia's house with Carb Addict for a few days. He is highly excited and has been counting down the days until we leave since....ooh, yesterday maybe? My Dad, 'Uncle Grandad' as Mr Charming used to think he was called, has apparently offered to look after Carb Addict whilst Babcia and I do 'stuff', so that's chazzing for us two and book auctions for the fellas.

Pic from here

I always call it my malignant Northern hometown. Can you guess where it is yet?


  1. Ooo, good luck with getting 100 followers! I bet you'll do it in no time! :D

  2. It's taken 18 months to get 85 so I'm not holding my breath! Helps if your blog has a theme I think and what's mine.....old people dying, me making an ass of myself in public and general moaning?! We'll wait and see....;P

    K xx

  3. Ooh, the Humber Bridge - I've only crossed it once and was almost hysterical in the back of my Dad's car as I am bridge phobic! Hull is a uni KL is considering as it has the perfect course for her but she needs to research the place more. Some of my Mum's extended family still live there - her cousins were trawlermen working out of Hull and Grimsby.

  4. Hope you have a great time away, looking forward to hearing about the shopping bargains you bag.
    A meet up at the Common at some point would be really good.
    Lisa x

  5. I'm with Scarlet, I think it's the Humber Bridge.

  6. I'd love to hear your accent - do a vlog as part of your giveaway!

  7. Hi keshling,

    so you are north of the Humber? Not Hull, by any chance?

    Here you are, one over the 85 already and all because you came to Friko's World, left a pithy comment and made me curious to come and ind out who you are. i like what I see, see?

    We'll have to get to know each other a bit better; I've long given up saving and scrimping, though, I never got anywhere that way either. I can help with the old folk dying though. Here in the Marches that's all we know how to do. Get old and die.

  8. me again, don't like the robot repellent; a fine giveaway would be to get rid of it.

  9. Hi Keshling, we're swap partners for the FHC shopping swap. I did try to email you the other week but no sure if you got it. If not hello....


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