Monday, 28 May 2012

Otto Gets High

I'm not much of a gardener, being inherently idle. I like loafing around in the sun 'on the back way' as the Northerner in me says but on the whole I can't really be bothered to put any effort in. I can admire a nice garden, of course, and every so often I make a raid on B&Q or Haskins Garden Centre, spend a good few quids on stuff and sometimes I even get round to planting it.
Spurred on this evening by Big Man's jeers of 'you'll never plant it, it'll go the same way as last year's' I went into the garden, accompanied by Otto, and repotted a lavender tree, a lavender bush and two clematis that I bought the other day. Whilst I was out there I uncovered a puny catmint bush from last year. I say bush - it's more the size of one of those little scabby tinfoil-wrapped sprigs of lucky heather that tinkers thrust wheedlingly at you on a Saturday afternoon in the city centre. Otto spotted it and, despite ignoring it all last year, had a good old chew on the leaves.

Otto got high. He's currently sitting outside the back door, staring intently at the garage wall, face about 6" away from it. Typical stoned behaviour I'd say.


  1. Ha,ha!
    You can just imagine how our Sid is after going to sleep in the stuff for hours.....

  2. Lucky Otto!

    Get him plenty of chocolate and crisps for when the munchies set in!

  3. Haha, my cat loooves catnip! They really do get the munchies afterwards though, be warned!

  4. He he!! My cat used to do this all the time, we used to buy him the dried stuff to put in his toys, one day he found the bag it was kept in and on returning home we found him drooling, rolling around the floor covered in catnip and totally off his nut:)

  5. Haha! Just catching up on your blog and this one really cracked me up!

    Glad to read about the lavender as well as bees and butterflies love it. With all the dwindling habitat and flowers, every little helps. If everyone who cemented over their gardens would plant up a few pots with bee & butterfly friendly flora, I'd be a happy lady.


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