Monday, 16 April 2012

Uses For A Tesco Uniform?

Whilst 'tidying' Red's bedroom I discovered several items of uniform from her days as a (very unwilling) Tesco employee. Skirts, shirts, trousers and a fleece to be precise. Given that she left there three years ago, to sighs of relief all round, I think we can safely say that she won't be needing it again. But what to do with it? Red and Big Man tell me to ditch it - as Red says, they wouldn't give it to anybody else if I returned it to the store, which was my original idea. Better them dispose of it than me. However, I don't want to just bin it because I HATE wasting anything.
Any ideas anybody?

PS ...I don't quilt. Or patchwork.


  1. Could the shirts be used at a preschool for when the children need protection when doing their painting? Can't think of anything else, apart from popping it in one of those yellow air ambulance recycling bins.
    Lisa x

  2. You could dare someone to wear it to the job centre to sign on!
    I'd take it to a charity shop, even if they don't sell it, they'll get money from the rag man.

  3. I'd probably keep it to wear when I'm gardening, but then I have such a huge pile of stuff for that purpose the charity shop might be the best bet.

  4. Use them for decorating clothes. I did this when our uniforms were changed at work.

  5. What size are the tops? I work for tesco and the spares always come in handy

    Can you contact me on: if you still have them


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