Friday, 30 March 2012

Crocs Away!!!

Next week I am working in the kitchen again for another three days. I said I'd never do it again after last time because it was so exhausting and I'd had sleepless nights beforehand worrying that things were going to go wrong (they didn't btw). However, this time it will be a joint effort, me and our handyman Robbie together. Robbie was also pressganged into cooking last time and he said that he would only do it this time if we both cooked. Rather than see money wasted on agency chefs I agreed and we are planning to do some spectacular meals. The food is a bone of contention at our place with the chef on one side and the staff and management on the other. It's complicated but Robbie and I hope to instigate some changes next week.
Anyway, last time I found it very hard on my feet and legs, standing for nine hours and someone recommended Crocs as being good for this problem. Previously the idea of Crocs made me shudder....ugly, clumpy, nasty-looking....but I saw some in Primark today for £2.50 and so I decided to take the plunge. I doubt they are genuine for that price, don't you?;P

The hour I spent in Primark with Red today was the longest I've ever stuck it for - normally I am driven out after five minutes, terrified by the sheer scale of shapeless schmutter (heaven forbid any woman with breasts might want to shop there!) and hordes of teenage girls. And to be honest, who can be bothered to sift through all the dross in search of the elusive treasure? If I was shut in a room stark naked with 99% of the stuff from Primark I'd make a dress out of the carpet before I'd wear any of the clothes. I know it has the same kind of jumble sale vibe as TK Maxx but somehow Primark is so downmarket that it's demoralising.
Anyway, I showed Mr Charming my new Crocs when I got home and he was scathing in his contempt. This is a man who would be willing (if he had it) to spend over £100 on this synthetic jacket.

I told Mr Charming that Babcia could knit him one but he's not convinced...

Has one or both of us had a taste bypass this week? What do you think, and have you ever bought something you previously turned your nose up at?


  1. I weakened and got a pair of Crocs last year, the only problem I've found is that I dare not wear them to go in the car...they must cause me to build up static electricity and I get a real whack if I touch the car! (Cannot say that I was a fan of them either, but friends told me how comfy they are to wear).

  2. My husband would cut my legs off at the knees if I bought a pair of Crocs, such is his hatred of them. I do hope they are comfortable enough to get you through a full day on your feet - I'd take a spare pair of flat shoes with me the first day, just in case those fake Crocs aren't as comfy as you hope.

    And I am 100% with you on Primark. Good for boys t-shirts and jeans but not for myself. All their dresses and tops feel like they are made are spun plastic.

  3. I used to sneer at adult onesies, but then ventured into Primark once to get one for a camping holiday. I still wouldn't wear them in general, but they are soooooo warm in a sleeping bag. :-) x

    1. I love my onesie but I wouldn't leave the house in it lol!!!

    2. I love my onesie but I wouldn't leave the house in it lol!!!

  4. Good luck with the cooking and I hope your crocs fit the job.
    Lisa x

  5. Crocs are vile, but having borrowed Liam's one year on holiday after tearing my feet to ribbons in a pair of ill-fitting wedges, I must say - the comfort is second to none.
    I promised myself I wouldn't buy a sensible mac and flat shoes once I became a mother. Needlessto say I'm on my 4th mac and 100th pair of flats.
    Working in the caring industry - fashion is never going to win over comfort. DO NOT weat them any other time - OK?

    Love the Primark descriptions, I despise the smell of the place, makes me feel like I'm inhaling cancerous poisons. The burka-wearing ladies seem to love it in there, hoards of them to be found.


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