Thursday, 14 April 2011

Being Ill vs 'Taking To Your Bed'

Quite often lately bloggers I follow have disappeared, only to return a couple of weeks later after being ill in some shape or form. I am lucky because I am rarely ill (touch wood!). I put this down to taking Vitamin C every day but to my family this is just one more manifestation of my 'being ridiculous'....'how sharper than a serpent's tooth' and all that. Although I have convinced Babcia to take a vitamin pill - she is, however, at the time of life where once again, everything I do is sensible, clever and excellent in every way.

So I am not often ill. That doesn't mean though that I never take to my bed. Oh no, 'taking to your bed' is a special tradition in my family. As a form of disapproval taking to your bed is second to none - my dad took to his bed for two days when I left home for real at 18. His father, my grandad, took to his bed for a week when his eldest daughter married an Italian. Other valid reasons for taking to your bed are: feeling sad; feeling hacked off; feeling angry; after an argument; and my favourite and most frequently used - 'just had enough'. It's not strictly necessary to sleep once you've taken to your bed but if asked what's the matter by a family member you must answer, with a sigh and a pained expression, 'nothing' - that's important....keep 'em guessing.

Yes, it's just an extreme 'time out' I suppose or a glorified sulk. A chance to think, maybe a chance to get over yourself. I'm not sure if it's an Irish thing (it's only my Irish side of the family that do it) or a paternal side of the family thing. Babcia rarely takes to her bed (and it's not always after half a bottle of Wybrowka when she does), but she does do it sometimes. Probably my dad's influence. Big Man doesn't take to his bed and had never come across 'taking to your bed' before he met me, but he appreciates the respite when I do it. And only today Red took to her bed when it was tortillas for dinner - slightly flimsy reason imho but it's a start. The tradition continues!

As a way of making you feel better I'd recommend it 100%. And you don't even have to be ill to start with!!


  1. As soon as I read the phrase 'take to my bed' I thought I bet she has Irish antecedents! So it MUST be an Irish thing!
    I think it's an excellent idea but as I'm a lifelong stoic (martyr) who would continue walking on bloody stumps if my legs were chopped off at the knee then my husband would be off choosing caskets if I took to my bed.

  2. Taking to the bed is def an Irish thing, my nan always say this, i would love to 'take to my bed' but no chance for me lol. Scarlett x

  3. How fantastic, it had me and my partner laughing so much, especially at the thought of your grandfather taking to his bed for a week.

  4. I love the idea of grown men taking to their beds when life doesn't go their way, the ultimate strop.

  5. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog... I definitely think I have excuse to take to my bed right now... perhaps I'll exercise that at some point during the week. :) As you say though, everything happens for a reason. x


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